How I Work

My Process, Generally

  • Go/no-go Decision: Once I understand your vision and where you are now, we agree on whether to work together and a scope of work

  • Plan the Work: I’ll write a summary of what we agreed about the work. This usually includes scope, outcomes, milestones, how we’ll work together, and a payment agreement.

  • Work the Plan

  • Reflect and Adapt

+ a little philosophy

  • Creativity emerges from chaos and disorder -- the great engines of change, growth, new ideas and life.

  • Chaos, change and growth unfold in surprisingly predictable ways for entrepreneurs and creators. Once an idea takes form out of chaos and meets reality, what worked to get it started doesn’t work anymore. The project or business has moved to a new stage, but the creator’s habits, tools and thinking haven’t adapted yet.

  • No one can be good at everything at each stage of development. Flying solo requires different skills than working with a partner. A small team operates differently than a larger organization.

  • The wise ones adapt and adjust along the way, learning their way to success. They design and build as they go. And they don’t get locked in to structures that won’t change easily.

  • I love the process of understanding your vision, discovering your strengths, and helping you find those small steps that can unlock new confidence and courage while the work gets done. With confidence and courage, you can do just about anything.