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My Story

My passion has always been to build systems and organizations that work better.

I've worn many hats in the pursuit of this passion: trainer, facilitator, strategic planner, project manager, change manager, and director. I have a crazy wide array of tools, frameworks, approaches, and experiences that have worked, and the wisdom to know what doesn’t work.

With this “Admin Ninja” service, I am bringing my skills and expertise to consultants, virtual businesses, solo creative visionaries, performing artists and writers, or other folks who need an extra pair of hands for a short-term project.

When I’m not working, or doting on my two exceptional, adorable grandchildren and their parents, I enjoy making music (singing, piano and guitar and flute), as well as kayaking and fishing with my husband, Bill.

Why "Ninja?"

I chose “The Admin Ninja” as my service brand because it captures the essence of my vision as a virtual project assistant and my value proposition.

Ninjas have a storied history, starting from the 15th – 17th century in Japan. Over time they’ve evolved to be a mix of history and imagination. I take my inspiration from the original ninjas.

Ninjas are warriors for hire. I’m a warrior for the success of your project.

Over time, legends about the ninjas ascribed supernatural powers to them. My superpowers include:

  • Patience

  • Concentration and focus

  • Persistence

  • Curiosity

  • Seeing connections and order in chaos

Ninjas work in the shadows. I work behind the scenes, helping you do what you want and need to do.

Ninjas are experts in a range of weapons and skills, especially navigation, observation and using the resources in their environment. I do the legwork for you, researching new apps or ways of doing what you want to get done and figuring out the easiest way to use them. I listen, observe, and help you navigate the path forward in practical ways.

Ninjas were known for espionage. I can play many different roles with ease. I may be a hands-on helper or a coach, or an accountability partner, or a teacher, or a guide through a forest of bewilderment.

Assassinations are part of the ninja legacy. My “virtual assassinations” are about being on the lookout for those little habits that may be sabotaging your efforts and helping you kill off assumptions, beliefs, or whatever is in the way of you achieving your goals. I take your project success seriously.

Ninjas typically don’t work alone, and their family groups were organized into guilds. I’m honest about what I’m not able to do and look for others to fill the gaps.